This International Women’s Day Bid Goodbye To These Unhealthy Habits

International Women’s Day is celebrated all across the globe on 8th March. The day is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and their incredible power. While the theme for this Women’s Day is Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights, this International Women’s Day we urge women to leave everything aside and take a step towards better health. Amidst managing the household chores and work, women tend to neglect their health. Well! It is never too late to quit your unhealthy habits and start living a happier, healthier and better life. Though, it is intricate to expect a lifestyle modification immediately but little by little we can adopt some in our daily lives. Check out some unhealthy habits and get rid of them this International Women’s Day:

Not Drinking Enough Water: Water accounts for 60 percent of our body so it is obvious that drinking plenty of water all day long benefits your overall health. If you are hydrated it will keep your memory sharp, your mood stable and your motivation intact. It also helps you look fresh and will further help in glowing skin.

Inadequate sleep: Skimping on sleep is a big no-no. It can have a negative effect on your immune system, your digestion, judgment and ability to make decisions (you are also more likely to commit mistakes) and will affect your heart health. All the more, sleep-deprivation may lead to depression, anxiety and make it hard for you to lose weight if you are dieting.

Skimping on sleep is a big no-no.

Eating supper late at night: One common mistake that we all do is eating our dinners late. According to National Institute of Health, early dinner can help you sleep better. Late-night meals can cause indigestion that interferes with sleep. Therefore, you should think about moving your dinner an hour earlier.

No physical exercise:  A sedentary lifestyle is not at all acceptable. Some sort of physical activity is essential as it has a positive impact on your health. It helps you look and feel great, boosts your energy levels, aids in weight loss and keeps diseases at bay. Additionally, physical activity keeps your heart healthy; lowers your risk of cancer, enhances blood flow to your brain, keeping you sharp; and helps with blood sugar control.

Physical exercise
Some sort of physical activity is essential as it has a positive impact on your health.

Excessive sodium: As we all know, excess of everything is bad. The same goes for sodium. If consumed in disproportionate quantities sodium can lead to heart diseases like hypertension. In order to cut down the intake, it is better to cook with healthier alternatives like lemon and other herbs. Processed foods should be limited as they have high amounts of sodium.