COVID-19 And Heart Patients

People with pre-existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory problems are more at risk of being infected with coronavirus as are patients wirh history of heart diseases.

  • COVID-19, which is known for causing serious respiratory damage in many patients can also cause harm to the already weak heart
  • It can harm people with history of heart attack, stroke, or heart valve disease
  • Blood flow to heart stops or is erratic during viral infections and can cause irregular heartbeats and heart failure
  • COVID-19 does not necessarily affect the heart in mild cases but mostly those who have severe symptoms

Prescribed Medicines

Experts advise that in no way should heart or hypertension patients stop taking their prescribed medicines. This should be done only if doctors have advised to do so.

No Increased Risk

There is no such available evidence which say that prescribed medicines for patients with heart diseases or hypertension increase the risk of coronavirus. On the contrary discontinuation of the medicines which help keep the diseases under control may have an even worse effect on the patient’s condition.