Quarantine Mode On? Productive Ideas To Keep You Up During This Time

In these unprecedented times when the entire world is shook by the coronavirus pandemic, it might be a blessing in disguise for individuals who have demanding schedules. Self-isolating and self-quarantine are some of the precautionary measures that can help flatten the curve. Perhaps this is the reason the nation is on a 21 days lockdown.  While there is no honking on the streets, restaurants and cinema halls have been shut, masses are wondering different ways to keep them occupied at their homes. Well! There are ample of things you must do while your are on practicing social distancing:

  • Books are your best friends:  We all know books are one of the best ways to utilize your time. Amidst busy schedules there is a possibility you might have left a novel half-read. This is the best time to pick up a book and get started. Some interesting reads can be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Pallace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Devakaruni, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and many more.
  • Home cooking: Nothing can beat a home-cooked meal! Cooking is therapeutic and satisfying thereby benefiting your mental health. Cooking with a family member or a friend will also help reduce stress and anxiety. So just pick up a cookbook and try out some delicious recipes. This will surely help you in the long run.  
Cooking is therapeutic and satisfying thereby benefiting your mental health
  • Health is Wealth: There are times we tend to ignore our health when we have our exhaustive work routines. This is the time we can focus on healthy living. Some simple lifestyle changes include fixed bedtime routines, drinking sufficient water all day long, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, meditation or yoga, 30 minutes of workout and ditch refined sugar.
  • Take up on dream projects: If you have been long intending to pursue your dream project. This is the best time to take it up. Be it writing a book, pursuing an online course, playing a sport or learning some new language.
  • Start a new hobby: Being creative is definitely the spice of life and this is probably the best times to recommence your hobby. This could be art or craft, sewing or knitting, cooking, dancing, singing, cooking or anything.

While the coronavirus is really a serious problem and should be resolved soon. Quarantine period will change our lives for good. This phase can be used to improve ourselves and increase our productivity. Try as many new things you can. Connect with people you care. Take on things you never get time to do. And once again, we will emerge into the society when things will be calm.