Fitness industry is booming these days! Here’s Why

It goes without saying that the fitness industry is really booming these days. We see gym centres, yoga training centres, Pilates studio, Zumba classes across the country. Perhaps, this is the reason, many eminent personalities mushrooming in the segment. To some extent, this boom is because of the Bollywood actors and divas, or even many sportsmen who inspire the youth with their dedication, passion and enthusiasm towards fitness. Not only this, there are several other reasons why the fitness industry is flourishing these days. Check the list below:

  • Health and Fitness Awareness: These days, we see many individuals go to gyms or any other fitness class to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst their hectic urban lifestyles. Desk-jobs, lack of open spaces and easy access to metros or cabs has led to a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, there is a need to establish more and more fitness training centres. 
  • No age or gender barrier: Thanks to the Bollywood divas like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora Khan and Shilpa Shetty there has been a significant shift in the perspective of women. Earlier, only men would go to gyms but now even women are hitting the gyms or going for Pilates or Zumba. Further, rising cases of osteoporosis and lowering of bone density are also prompting people to take health, diet, and fitness seriously. Also, age is not a barrier at all. Men and women of all age groups are realising the importance of regular physical activity and hitting the gyms.
Given the growing demand, many multinational fitness chains are increasingly taking the franchisee route to enter the Indian market. 
  • Increased number of International Brands: An increase in auto-immune diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertensionhas led to a revolution in the Indian fitness industry. Big and established fitness chains are expanding their products and services in the market. Given the growing demand, many multinational fitness chains are increasingly taking the franchisee route to enter the Indian market. 
  • The Growth of Gym Culture: Though the gym culture is apparent in urban areas and metros, some small towns are also gradually embracing the gym culture in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, many people have started visiting the gym regularly. Therefore, the gym culture will surely get a boost in the near future.     
  • Wide range of equipments: Gone are the days, when gyms would only be limited to a handful of equipments. Whereas these days gyms have a wide array of equipment including cardio machines, cross fits, strength machines, weights, boxing kits and various functional training gears (TRX, fit balls, resistance bands etc.) that adds fun to regular exercise. This is the primary reason that drives many fitness freaks to the gym.