International Mother’s Day: Understanding and Overcoming Body Image Issues

How often do you look yourself in the mirror and say “What if I lose 10 kgs?” These days almost everyone is conscious of their looks, weight, dressing style, and their body type. Almost everyone seems to be slobbering over a perfect figure and slim waistline like that of the famous Bollywood celebrities. Women these days compare their body shape with others. Also, women are in a constant pressure to look good and keep their weight in check. This is more common amongst women who neglect their health and resort to dieting in order to maintain weight. This not only leads to health complications but also fills themselves up with discontentment and low self-esteem.

Now let us our shift focus from negative body image to achieving a perfect body with a more holistic and wholesome way to lose weight quickly but not health: 

1. Aim for a healthy weight loss:

What does healthy weight loss mean? Healthy weight loss means there are no health complications. A healthy weight will help you lead a happier and fitter life in future.

2. Eat variety of foods:

Dieting is not the way out to lose weight. Instead, a balanced diet with all food groups is what helps maintain a healthy body. This includes eggs, legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and dairy products. Junk food and refined sugar can be eliminated from your diet.  

Healthy food
A balanced diet with all food groups is what helps maintain a healthy body

3. Don’t worry about the weighing machine:

You should not worry about what you see on the weighing scale as weight is not the only parameter to evaluate your health. Also, what matters the most is a fit body.

4. Bid goodbye to sugar:

Refined sugar is no less than a poison. It is nothing but just empty calories and no nutrients. Therefore, try adopting healthier alternatives of refined sugar such as maple syrup, honey and natural sugar like fruits.

5. Restrict processed food items and trans fats:

Processed and junk foods are full of empty calories and provide you with unhealthy fat which can further lead to serious health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure or obesity. So instead of eating packaged goods, home cooked food is the best.

6. A diet full of fruits and vegetables:

Not to mention fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense with plenty of fibre. They keep you full for longer and boost your immunity.

Fruits keep you full for longer and boost your immunity

7. Stay hydrated:

You should drink at least two to three litres of water regularly as it will help flush out the accumulated waste and toxins from your body and will help you feel lighter from the inside.